Perez Hilton mentions The Cranberries


Gossip guru Perez Hilton posted an article on his site, talking about The Cranberries’ comeback album. 

A pretty short post that sparked off a few improper comments about gay people and music tastes. Fragile hearts, beware!


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2 Responses to Perez Hilton mentions The Cranberries

  1. cranlady says:

    it’s interesting how the crans can stir conversations!! thanx for the link, he bothered to say sth, that guy, whether good or bad who cares, the thing is once more, the people beneath categorise people according to their sexual and music tastes, this is not good!! and i think i ll say sth, i JUMPED FROM JOY now the crans are back!!

  2. Khamberries says:

    At least, this proves that they’re not forgotten ;D

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