“Tomorrow” could be really late!

According to German music site Rockszene, the release of Roses’ first single, “Tomorrow”, is scheduled for January 27, only 2 weeks before the album hit the shelves. 

In a music industry more and more focused on digital singles issued months before the release of an album, it seems like a strange marketing strategy for a band that was absent of the musical scene for so long.

Remember that this information was not confirmed by the band. Later last week, O’Riordan told Billboard the band has not yet made a definitive choice about the first single.

First scheduled for an October release, “Tomorrow” was first pushed back in late 2011, according the the band’s official website.

Thanks to cranB82 from the cranberries.me community for the info!

You can hear a one minute preview of “Tomorrow” on Youtube.

Sources: rockszene.de, billboard.com, cranberries.com

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2 Responses to “Tomorrow” could be really late!

  1. J. says:

    January 27th seems pretty late, but maybe they are talking about the physical release. Maybe the single will be available on iTunes sooner?

  2. Linger77 says:

    Who knows… but on 27th January it seems late for the release…. We’ll have to wait for some official info….

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