Fin Chambers to be featured on Mono Band’s second album

Noel Hogan posted a first picture of the Mono Band recording session via his Twitter account today. It looks like the guest vocalist is none other than Fin Chambers, who was featured on “Release”, from Mono Band’s first album, and the free-download track “She’s so Blue”.

Hogan added another picture later today and confirmed that Chambers was recording 3 songs for the album

No other guest vocalists have been confirmed for the second album. It is also unknown if unreleased tracks from the first album sessions will be used. 

On March 15, Hogan posted a mysterious tweet:

“Listening to a new mix of Mono Band ‘Flame’ by Session Leopard. Really liking it, will have it online soon.”

“Flame” is an unreleased song recorded with singer Kate Havenevik. Back in late 2007, Hogan also talked about releasing the orignal version of this song online in the news section of the Mono Band website.

Neither the original version nor the Session Leopard mix were released on Internet.

Thanks to Cappuccino, a reader who left a comment in the discussion section, for the info about “Flame”.

You can listen to “She so Blue” below.


Sources: Noel Hogan’s Twitter account, Zombieguide, Mono Band website, Youtube

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2 Responses to Fin Chambers to be featured on Mono Band’s second album

  1. Cappuccino says:

    Wasn’t Flame an unreleased track from the first album, featuring Kate Havnevik on vocals? I think I remember reading that back on zombieguide (ah, the good old days) around the time the demo for Crazy surfaced.

    Release was definitely one of the highlights of Mono Band, maybe because it featured both Mike and Fergal, but Fin Chambers’ voice was great as well. It’ll be good to hear more.

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