Half disappointing night for Cranfans

While everyone in the Cranberries community was expecting the 1993 Dave Fanning Session tonight, RTÉ 2fm broadcasted the 1991 session, which was partly known from the fans. 

Besides from “Dreams” “Uncertain” and “Reason”, which had been broadcasted on Dan Hegarty’s show in 2010, the Irish radio host dug out of the vault “Put Me Down” for the first time since its first broadcast in 1991.

It looks like there was a bit confusion on the RTÉ 2fm site, which previously announced the broadcast of the 1993 session last Thurday.

Radiohost Dan Hegarty was kind enough to clear out the situation on air and told listeners that he will try to find the 1993 session and broadcast it eventually.

The 1993 Fanning Session includes two unreleased tracks entitled “False” and “Like You Used To”.

You can listen to the complete 1991 Session on the Fanning Sessions Archive website.

Sources: RTÉ 2fm webradio, fanningsessions.wordpress.com

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