“Tomorrow” already a “hot pick” on two U.S. radios

According to allaccess.com, KMTT (Seattle) and KINK (Portland, OR) radio stations have already selected “Tomorrow”, The Cranberries first single for Triple-A radios, as one of this week “hot picks” more than 3 weeks before its official radio release date. 

Brad Savage, Program Director at WCNR (Charlottesville, VA), also told The Cranberries Press that his station already began airing “Tomorrow” as well. WCNR made a lot of Cranberries fans happy today by posting on its website an acoustic set that Dolores O’Riordan performed in December 2007.

As for “Show Me the Way”, WRFF (Philadelphia) has been airing it since October 23.

Is “Tomorrow” or “Show Me the Way” playing at your radio station?

Sources: allaccess.com, Brad Savage from WCNR, radio1045.com

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2 Responses to “Tomorrow” already a “hot pick” on two U.S. radios

  1. Rick says:

    WYEP in Philly has also added Tomorrow to their playlists. http://www.wyep.org/playlist/index.php?day=4&month=11&year=2011&hour=2

    Great site BTW!

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