RTÉ 2fm treats Cranfans with ’93 Fanning Session and Mono Band track

Cranfans got quite a treat tonight : RTÉ radio host Dan Hegarty kept his promise made last October and played the entire 1993 Dave Fanning session (and more!) on his Alternative to Sleep show

During the first hour, listeners had the chance to (re)discover the Fanning session versions of “Wanted” and “The Icicle Melts”.

Keeping the rarest for the end, Hegarty then played “Like You Used To” and “False” in the last hour of his show.

The RTÉ radio host also surprised listeners with a RTÉ 2fm session version of “Home” from Noel Hogan’s Mono Band side project. The song was recorded with Richard Walters in 2005.

Thanks to Dan Hegarty and Ian Wilson from RTÉ 2fm!

You can listen to the four 1993 songs on the Fanning Sessions Archive.

The Fanning Sessions Archive site also reveals that there is a project underway at RTÉ to digitise these sessions. “Incidentally there is currently a project underway at RTE to digitise this archive and we await the results with great anticipation.”

Sources: Fanning Sessions Archives, RTÉ 2fm

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