Itunes reveals new track “Always”; pre-order ‘Roses’ in selected countries

Music listeners in selected countries can now pre-order their digital version of The Cranberries Roses album on iTunes, with bonus track “Always”.

“Always” was recorded in London last June, along with “Waiting in Walthamstow” and “Losing My Mind”. The Cranberries also recorded 15 tracks in Toronto, amongst them 6 did not made the final cut on the album (“Someday”, “Eyelash”, “Serendipity”, “In It Together”, “Perfect World” and “Stop Me”).

The American Deluxe version plays the nostalgia card and includes live oldies from the 2010 Madrid show (“Linger”, “Zombie”) along with new track “Always”.

In other countries, the standard and/or deluxe iTunes versions include a live version of “Dreams”.

Check your iTunes store to see if “Roses” can already be pre-ordered in your country.

Sources: Fanberries, iTunes

Thanks to Juan for coming up with the information about the iTunes pre-order and to PepeTavo for the information about “Dreams”.

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