The Cranberries’ return part of a 90’s nostalgia wave?

According to business magazine Fast Company, our favorite band is back apparently to “cash in on [people’s] 90’s nostalgia”… 

The article with a sensationalist title – which reports on a 90’s nostalgia trend in the business industry – took The Cranberries as an example of 90’s bands making a comeback after several years of inactivity (amongst others, Garbage and No Doubt).

Back in 2003, the Cranberries took a seven-year hiatus to raise their growing families, while pursuing side projets.

“It’s really cool, the chemistry,” O’Riordan told Billboard magazine last Fall about getting back with her old bandmates. “It’s really just right. There’s something there when we’re together that’s really good. It’s not something that money can buy. It’s not really something anyone can really emulate. It’s got to do with energy and chemistry and that kind of thing. It’s like putting on a perfect pair of shoes. It just fits.”

With the Roses previews released on the Australian iTunes store a few weeks ago, music listeners can notice that the band is still relevant in the 2010’s, with an updated sound on many songs of its upcoming album.




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